Subira Shaw, seen here on "Good Morning,America" was first published in Konch magazine, when barely out of college. Her piece was about South Africa
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Whether it be celebrities like Terry McMillan, winner of The American Book Award, or Oscar winner Lou Gossett or newcomers like Brynn Saito or Alex Maynard, since 1990, Konch has been publishing American and international writers of the highest merit. Konch is sustained by Ishmael Reed, Tennessee Reed and our readers, granting us an independence that those zines with corporate sponsorship lack. Contributors to Konch have submitted work that is innovative and serene, but we reserve the right to be rowdy. The Jim Crow Media and literary Scene Have Failed Us


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Wanda Coleman and Ishmael Reed circa 1993.
March/April 2014
Ishmael Hope and Lily Hudson.
Latino American Night. L-R Ishmael Reed, Alejandro Murguia, Maya Chinchilla, Leticia Hernandez-Linares and Tomas Riley by Tennessee Reed

Asian American Night. L-R Aimee Suzara, Pireeni Sundaralingam, Genny Lim and Sean Manzano by Tennessee Reed

Native American Night. L-R Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Moon Flower, Tria Andrews, John-Carlos Perea, Jennifer Foerster, Cedar Sigo and Ishmael Reed by Tennessee Reed

LGBT Night. L-R Amir Rabiyah, Sharon Bridgforth, Indira Allegra, Jewelle Gomez and Elena Rose by Tennessee Reed
African American Night. Top L-R Vernon Keeve III and Boadiba. Bottom L-R Indira Allegra, Ishmael Reed, Tennessee Reed and Samiat Salami by Michael LeNoir
Jewish American Night. L-R Jack Hirschman, Marcia Falk, Alan Kaufman, David Meltzer and Ishmael Reed by Tennessee Reed
"Ishmael Reed and Ed Sanders at the Burchfield Penny Arts Center in Buffalo, New York on April 12, 2014" by Tennessee Reed